Stop, look and listen: safety talks for workers with disabilities

People with disabilities require proper care and attention, be it a physical disability, vision or hearing impairment, or a mental health condition. The same goes for disabled workers, staff or employees who need the understanding and patience of their employers and colleagues the most. Some people in the same workplace may find it difficult to understand or fairly treat colleagues that have impairments or disabilities—difficult, true, but not impossible.

If you have a co-worker, officemate or teammate with a disability, you need to be educated properly on disabilities to understand the condition and know the steps to be taken to make your colleague feel comfortable, welcome and accepted.

Conducting safety talks about disabilities will help everyone, including the employers, to comprehend the needs and special treatments required for their disabled employees/colleagues. So, what preparations should be done when arranging for discussions on disabilities in your workplace?

Know your “special” employees/colleagues

There is no point in conducting safety talks on disabilities if you do not know who they are. As an employer or co-worker, you cannot just take a guess on the kind of disabilities some people in your workplace have and discuss them randomly. It will not only make your special workers feel insulted, it will also make them feel insignificant. Get to know these people individually and let them feel that you care enough to seek them out.

Safety TalksPick the best speaker for the job

The person who will educate the employers or employees on disabilities should be someone who is well-versed on the matter. Pick an expert on the subject – someone who has the proper credentials on dealing with disabilities, or people who have experience with disabilities. They can be people who have loved ones who are disabled, or they themselves could have disabilities. These people are the most suitable speakers because they have actual experiences on disabilities and therefore, can give the most accurate information. Safety talks on disabilities and impairments can also boost the morale of disabled workers and allow them to talk freely about their feelings and experiences.

Choose the most convenient venue

You cannot hold talks on disabilities without knowing the kind of disabilities your workers have. It is important that you identify them early on and choose the most convenient and comfortable venue to hold your safety talk. Make sure that the location can easily be accessed by your disabled workers or colleagues, especially the ones with physical disabilities. You should also consider having emergency equipment available for your handicapped workers in case there is a need to use them at the venue.

Make use reading materials, visual aids or presentations if necessary

Sometimes, hearing about disabilities and the importance of understanding them is not enough for other people. For some, they need to see concrete examples in order to understand the situation better. In these cases, you may include reading materials, visual aids, or presentations in your discussions for an interactive and more engaging discussion. Your employees or colleagues will more likely respond if they have a clear vision of the subject, and if the idea is explained in a way that they can understand.

Include activities or games in your safety talks

Conducting safety talks about disabilities does not need to be a one-way street. You can also include activities or games to make the talk more fun, informative and interactive. This way, you can promote engagement of employers, employees, or colleagues with their disabled workers in a more enjoyable and non-threatening environment or scenario. Direct interaction with handicapped workers will help other workers learn about the disabilities naturally.

When dealing with disabled employees or co-workers, it is important that you stop and think about what to do or what you are doing; analyze the situation carefully and lastly, listen to what these disabled workers are telling you. Make them feel like normal people; after all, their disabilities do not make them any less than any other person.

Conducting safety talks about disabilities will help everyone.

HCG Drops Create The best Weight Loss Solution

Right now you could invest in a lot of different weight management ideas. You can find yourself traversing a lot of different arenas and they all have promise. However, when you really start to break down whether or not things can work for you, you’ll find that not everything is as it seems. The main issue is that some options are going to be substandard to say the least. This starts to occur through the processes of cycling through the weight loss options that are attributed to gimmicks. For instance, if you find supplements that promise the world, they are most likely not good. However, there are some that are good like hcg drops, which don’t promise to be a miracle cure, but rather a holistic solution to losing weight.

The Body At A Glance

HCG dropsThe body is a powerful machine, when used to optimal benefit. You have the power to lose weight through brute force at times, and that’s where exercise comes into place. If you look at the lives of athletes that have incredible bodies, you’ll find that they work out quite a bit. They push the limits of their bodies and they create a substantial push in the right direction, alongside nutritional elements, supplements, and more, they physically put their body through the ringer. When they do this, their main goal is to ensure that they are able to create substantial gains, and losses when needed.


For those that aren’t professional athletes, don’t worry, things like hcg drops can help with diet and exercise as well. Remember, the goal is to eliminate the overall caloric intake and replace it by burning a great deal of calories on the fly. That means that you’ll have to look into mixing in ample elements of nutritional values and management. The balancing act you have to move forward with is important, and something that is not going to be easy to comprehend at first glance.

More Balance

In order to see results from chasing the options of weight loss, you have to include equal parts from all sides. You need to have balance that is going to give you a push in the right parameters. Without a good push forward, you are going to end up losing out on the benefits that come from supplements, exercise, and more. The body can define changes and create good flow if you divide things properly. If you do not divide your time, your exercise, and nutrition properly, you will see that the results will diminish in time. The more you can balance things equally, the better your body is going to react to the elements that you are putting into it.


If you’re not sure how to get this done, don’t panic. Take time to look into a way to include several elements that are going to help elevate your results to all new levels. It may start with the initial push forward in regards to diet and exercise, and will end up manifesting results with the use of supplements and more. This can all seem like a lot to deal with, but the best way to manage it is with baby steps. If you just step aside and look at the bigger picture, you will find that it’s easy to leverage the parts to get results in the long term.


Take a moment to figure out how you want to mix nutrition, exercise, and hcg drops. When you establish the right elements in place, you will see results manifest in short order. It’s not a bad idea to chase, it just takes time to build on the right platforms, that’s all.

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The hcg drops contain all natural ingredients, which make this a very safe way for you to lose weight. You don’t have to worry about injections, or spending thousands of dollars at clinics – these drops are taken orally and as a result, the cost is much lower than other diet options, saving your thousands of dollars.

PCB Fabrication Costs

If you are a manufacturer who plans to launch a new product or an independent inventor who wishes to sell your most recent gadget, you need to get involved in PCB fabrication. PCBs or printed circuit boards are very important in today’s modern world. Nearly everything uses these boards. Traditionally, PCBs only have one layer. Over time, PCBs improved and became multilayered. Multilayered PCBs are able to accommodate more components in a smaller space.

PCB fabricationIf you are worried about incurring large expenses, do not worry because modern PCB fabrication is inexpensive, thanks to its advanced technology. Also, there are a lot of companies that offer printed circuit board fabrication services, so you will not have a hard time looking for one. The more these companies become available, the lesser the prices of multilayer printed circuit board fabrication become. The price goes down as time passes by,

If you need a four-layer PCB for a simple home equipment, it is alright if you do not have special tools. The design is not that complicated anyway. Nonetheless, you need to pay a setup fee to the engineers who will be working on the project. Usually, the setup fee is about $200 and is necessary to set up the printing machines. If your PCB design is more complicated, you may need to pay more.

With regard to the cost of PCB fabrication, there are a few factors that you have to consider. For instance, the quality and size of the materials can affect your total costs. The number of holes that have to be drilled can also determine the price. Take note that just like any other printing work your total costs can decrease if you order a lot of products. So basically, your order volume can directly affect your total cost.

In general, materials that have a high temperature cost more than regular materials. You should not hesitate to pay a high price if you expect your product to be of high quality. If you go for low quality materials, you will also have a low quality output. When it comes to PCB fabrication, you should keep in mind that cheap is not necessarily good. It is better to transact with a company that has a good reputation in fabricating printed circuit boards. Go for one with an excellent track record.

Then again, this does not mean that all startup companies are no good. There are new companies that start off well. However, there are also new entrepreneurs who attempt to cut costs by outsourcing their printed circuit board fabrication to unreliable companies. They may save some money by doing this, but they also risk the quality of the output. In the end, they will lose more money because customers may no longer order from them.

If you want to find a good company that fabricates printed circuit boards, you should get personal references. You can ask friends, colleagues, or even family members if they knew anyone in the business. If you cannot get any referrals, you can try searching online. Look for reviews in forums that are frequented by people interested in printed circuit board fabrication.

Ideally, you should choose a company that can produce prototypes in less than forty-eight hours. They should also make use of the latest technology in order to reduce production errors. PCBs with minimal trace spacing, especially, need to be handled with utmost care. PCBs with small dimensions, on the other hand, should be handled with small drills and lasers. You should choose a company that uses a wide variety of drills, specialty tools, and surface finishes.

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Before you do the cleaning of PCB, you should wear a pair of rubber of latex gloves similar to the PCB fabrication process. One of the most common contaminants that you should not allow the board to have is oil.


Retain Employees—Keep the Lines of Communication Open


Employee retention is a business term referring to a company’s capacity to hold on to their workers. Employee turnover, or the rate at which a company has to replace workers who have deserted them, is a serious hindrance to economic prosperity. Time and again, employers are realizing that keeping a current employee content is a lot less expensive than having to hire recruiters to find a replacement, training said replacement, etc.


That is what retention programs are for. These are various programs and there is no one model when it comes to dealing with employee problems. Mostly it’s a matter of finding out which type of employee retention difficulties a company is experiencing and moving on from there. A simple but effective method like the “Join, Stay, Leave” could be used to find out how to hurdle this challenge.


Employee retentionUsing such a model could potentially save a company a lot of time and money. This is a three-pronged method that keeps in touch with employees on every level of their stay in the company: during the interview stage when the employee is still only a prospect; periodically as a hired and staying worker; and if it should come about, as an exiting employee.


When you, as an employer or one who hires people, have become sure that you want to hire someone and make him or her an integral part of your company, it would be to both party’s benefit to ask in detail what the prospective hire’s aspirations are in terms of career advancement.


Why did that person want to join this company in particular? What did that person hope to attain here? What are the things that that person believed this company could provide her personally and professionally which another company could not?


Also, just as how these prospective employees are endeavoring to be transparent about their wishes and motives for joining the company, so should the company present a realistic and believable portrait of what the interviewee could expect to encounter once hired.


One of the leading causes of dissatisfaction in the workplace is the employee’s disillusionment about the job, the coworkers and superiors, and the company in general. Being upfront and letting future employees know exactly what they’re getting into could lessen the chance that that employee would leave the company in the future.


Similarly, keeping a close eye and open ears to the current employees would be advantageous for employers. This could serve as a pre-emptive solution to employee turnover. Knowing the specific factors that keep them in the company, knowing what they are holding out for, and knowing from their own lips what could induce them to stay further would save the company money. Whatever the answers are, you could assume these are effective employee retention ploys and build a comprehensive program from it.


What’s more, knowing the so-called pulse of the company’s masses would mean that you could do something to make the more feasible ones come about. Doing this might serve to increase their loyalty.


Finally, there is the inescapable reality of an exiting employee. The truth is, no matter how effective one’s methods are when it comes to employee retention, one cannot control every factor of why an employee would wish to leave. The good news is, this could still be taken and turned to the company’s advantage.


Conducting a thorough exit interview would be a great way to find out some of the more obscure aspects of life within the workplace. Presumably, an exiting employee would find little risk in revealing the truths about the company which for some reason or another have been kept from the higher ups. He or she could be induced into sharing the insights, perhaps in the hopes of making the now-former employer take action and make the lives of his or her now-former coworkers better.

Looking for Hewlett neck village real estate Options

Hewlett neck village real estate provides some of the most ideal choices for families who want to live in New York. Located at the South Shore of Long Island, New York, the village of Hewlett Harbor is a prestigious residential community where over 400 magnificent homes are situated. Many of these homes lie just along the perimeter of the Seaware Golf and Country Club while others are positioned at the waterfront property of the Macy Channel and the historic Willow Pond. Families and young individuals who wish to enjoy a peaceful and rural atmosphere will definitely find what they are looking for in Hewlett Harbor.

Facts about Hewlett Harbor

The village of Hewlett Harbor is considered a great place to live in by many people. It was first developed by a farmer named John Hewlett. His dream was to establish a secure livelihood and a safe home for himself and for his family. After the Hewlett’s’ era, the land was then developed into a summer residence and a country club that was later developed into single-family residential lots. As of 2012, the village’s recorded population was at 1,263 residents, with a population decrease of 3%. It is considered as one of the country’s safest neighborhoods, and it has one of the highest expenditures in terms of budget for students.

Searching for Hewlett neck village real estate Properties

Those who are interested in looking for Hewlett neck village real estate options will have no problems doing so because of the help of the many realtors available today. If you already have a trusted realtor, try to ask them for recommended listings of Hewlett Harbor properties. It is also advisable to acquire the services of a realtor that specializes in land and homes in the area. For this, you can go online and choose from the many realtors available.

Choosing Your Hewlett Harbor Property

hewlett neck village real estateHomeowners can choose from a wide variety of Hewlett Harbor properties. Online listings from various realty companies will show these property options including their sale prices, the number of bedrooms available, and the number of baths in each house. Most, if not all, of these listings will also show pictures of the properties that are for sale. Those who wish to choose a Hewlett Harbor property should consider their personal preferences and needs first and look for the properties that are in line with their tastes.

Knowing the Neighborhood

When you have listed down your property options, it is advisable for you to get to know the area first. Know the establishments, the school districts, the popular restaurants, and the good and bad areas nearby so that it would be much easier for you to move in once you have closed the deal with your realtor. If you’re the seller, knowing your area’s strong points is also a plus as it will definitely help you sell your home much faster.

Contacting Your Realtor

In addition to choosing a property for sale that fits your personal preferences, you should also consider who your realtor will be. An ideal realtor is easy to contact and will also accommodate you for property viewing during your free times. The realtor should also be able to process all the necessary papers and permits without having to hassle you in any way.

While some realty companies have a single hotline that interested parties can contact, others have lists of their individual real estate agents and their corresponding direct numbers. Some websites will also show the individual achievements of their real estate agents, while others even have customer comments for each agent. Keep in mind that the agent that you will choose will be the one you will be contacting regularly regarding any questions or concerns about the property you are interested in, so it is also important that you should feel at ease with him. With the right Hewlett neck village real estate agent, choosing your dream property will be much easier and stress-free.

Remodel to Perfection

Remodeling homes can be so exciting. After doing too much waiting, it is now time to finally rip off those annoying wallpapers and ugly, not to mention, dirty carpets. It is also the perfect moment to repaint those boring drawers and cabinets with a much brighter color. Replacing all the broken window panes would also be a must. When it comes to remodeling, what comes first on the minds of people is settling which areas of their homes need to be attended to. Then, they usually come up with the perfect combination of color palettes, and plan everything else that needs to be planned. But before they actually start the job, the question of where they’re going to be placing all their furniture and appliances for the duration of their remodeling has got to be answered first.


Of course, anyone in the right mind would know that they are going to have to put those stuff away first as they do all the make-overs and remodeling they want. Who on Earth would want their belongings to be damaged in the process, right? While some families may opt to place their stuff in the garage, or in another room of the house, others might find that just a bit too impossible. Take note that not all houses have spare rooms or even large, roomy garages that they can utilize for this purpose. They can’t leave all those belongings in the backyard as well! Chances are, by the next day, their stuffis already going to be gone for good. For those who are encountering this kind of problem now, they don’t have to lose hope just yet. Here’s an idea – portable storage container units.


Portable Storage containerIt’s already obvious that people are going to need a lot of time until they finish remodeling their house to its perfection. If they’d like to purchase a unit, then that’s up to them. Who knows, they might need the space in the near future as well! But for those who find it impractical to buy the units since they’re only going to be using these once, then the rental option is for them.


You can either buy their units or simply lease them, whichever is more comfortable and practical. Just remember the following considerations.


First and foremost, it is fairly obvious that the most important thing that people are considering is the protection and security of their most precious belongings. So whichever company you sure, make sure that they offer high quality portable storage container units. For starters, the units should be made of premium quality metal, rendering clients’ belongings wind, and water resistant. So people wise enough to get one of these units need not to stress themselves out if it is a bit rainy, or even stormy outside. Aside from that, their units are also equipped with top-of-the-line locking systems which will ensure that only those with authorizationwould be able to have access to anything and everything that is kept inside.


With these portable storage container units, clientscan now focus on the only thing that should matter – remodeling, of course! They no longer need to check on the piles of furniture and appliances if they’re still the same as when they first left them, because the units ensure that these are 100% protected. With these units, people can concentrate on getting the job done, and getting it done perfectly. Who would want their newly remodeled house to look like an unfurnished mess, right? A portable storage container would definitely help interested customers in creating a new safe haven for them and their families. So go on, give it a try.

The Crazy History of Badge Lanyards

You see it around nearly everywhere. Students and employees are required to wear them. You’ve probably owned at least one in your lifetime.


A lanyard is a long piece of material, usually in the form of a rope or cord, which can be worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry an object. One of the most common types you see today is the badge lanyards. These are used to hold identification cards (ICs or ID cards). But do you know where they came from?

First, it was a strap.

According to the Random House Dictionary, the word “lanyard” originated from 15th century France. At this time, the word “lanière” was used to denote a strap or thong. Originally, lanyards were used to tighten and lash ship riggings.

Then, it was something like a stapler: it attached two things semi-permanently.

badge lanyardsLater on, the word evolved to mean something which connects a pistol, whistle, or sword almost permanently to a uniform. Lanyards were often used in situations where individuals would be likely to lose objects, such as in the cavalry and in the navy.

Well-made pistol lanyards were those that could be easily removed and reattached by the user, but must stay in place while the pistol is being drawn or still in the holster.

Then, it was something that just looked cool.

There was a time when lanyards were used more for their aesthetic appeal than functional use. Variously colored and braided lanyards were used by military officers as indications of their regimental affiliation and rank.

Best of all, they developed a dual purpose.

Mounted regiments wore their lanyards on the left shoulder, which allowed them to pull their whistles from their left tunic pocket and communicate with other members of the regiment. British Royal Artillery members also wore lanyards which carried keys for adjusting explosive shell fuses.

Today, it’s diverged.

Lanyards today come in many types, forms, sizes, and materials. These variations often depend on the end-purpose of the consumer. Common lanyards are made from nylon, polyester, paracord, silk, braided leather, or polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Lanyards can still be worn as ornamental devices: the Orange Lanyard of the Dutch Military Order and the German Armed Forces Badge of Marksmanship are examples of these. Lanyards can also be used to carry electronic devices, such as cameras, cellular phones, or data sticks (USB devices). Some safety straps found on industrial cutting machines are actually lanyards. And do you know that strap that keeps linemen from falling? Yes, you guessed it. Those are lineman lanyards.

And the badge lanyards?

These are probably the most common, and most known, lanyards used today. Badge lanyards are often used to display ID cards or name badges both for formal institutions like work, prison, hospitals, and schools, and for public gatherings, like symposia, concerts, trade fairs, and conventions. They are often made from tough material that’s either flat and thick, or thin and braided.

Usually, a plastic pouch with at least one clear side is attached to the lanyard. The ID or name badge is inserted into this plastic pouch, with the person’s name (and often, picture) facing the front. Sometimes, small items like business cards can be hidden behind the ID for easy retrieval. Accessories can also be added to lanyards for easy attachment of pens or tools. Oftentimes, lanyards are also used like key chains, especially in situations where keys can be easily lost. This includes gyms, public pools, and communal showers.

Custom military coins: The Challenge

Many people are aware that custom military coins started from medallions given to members of a squadron in World War II. Afterwards, they were used to challenge other members in exchange for a round of refreshing drinks ranging from soft to hard liquor. What exactly is the essence if this challenge? What are the rules and what happens when rules are broken?

Back then, the coins served as their squadron’s symbol of brotherhood and identity. This is why they wanted to make sure that everyone brings the coin with them everywhere they went. This is the essence of the challenge.

custom military coinsOnce somebody whips, slaps, or drops the coin, causing it to make a sound, it is a call for “Coin check”. If he drops the coin unintentionally, the action will still deliver the same message: a coin check challenge. He should pay the price for improper handling of his coin. After this, he may yell “Coin Check!” This can be done anywhere and anytime, because for them, if a member values the coin with his life, he should keep it with him wherever he goes.

The challenged members should bring out their coins in ten seconds and they should be in good condition, meaning no deformities or holes.

This challenge applies for all members- clothed or unclothed. Nonetheless, everyone is given consideration: one step and an arm reach. To illustrate, if the coin is not in the member’s pocket, garment, socks, or shoes, he can make one step and try to reach his coin with his hands using his full arm reach. If he cannot reach it, he loses the challenge. He is still under the ten-second rule.

If everyone in that room managed to bring out their coins, it is bad news for the challenger. He has to buy a round of drinks for all the members that he challenged. On the other hand, if one member fails to bring out his military coin, he will be the one to buy the drinks.

Of course, the challenge only applies to those who own a coin.

What if the person does not have money to buy a round for his fellow members? No matter what the circumstances are, anyone who loses the challenge and refuses or fails to buy a round of drinks will be charged of committing a despicable crime. He will have to turn over his coin to the issuing agency.

There are other grounds that require a member to turn over his coin.

One is drilling a hole into it. Whether the intention is to make a necklace or something like a medal or key chain, damaging the coin is a sign of disrespect to the organization.

Another one is stacking them. Custom military coins are unlike normal coins that anyone can stack or play head or tail with. If a member does this, he causes disgrace and should no longer be entrusted with a military coin.

One coin per person rule. Unlike nowadays, military men back then only have one coin. If it is lost, then the member has to prepare to buy drinks for other members.

Now, custom military coins are not used for challenges anymore. They are used as rewards for the cream of the crop among military men. They are also used as a form of recognition or welcome for honorable men. However, no military service member will forget where it all started and what the essence was back then. The challenge was not merely a call for coin check to gain a round of drinks. It was giving significance to brotherhood and unity. This same purpose is present in custom military coins nowadays. will ensure your custom military coins are something you can carry and exchange with pride.